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Copyright © Mega Legends. Mega Legends is licensed and insured. All talent with Mega Legends is screened and go through background checks and drug screening.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I book Mega Legends over other entertainment services? 

  • Only Mega Legends offers exclusive theme park quality robot costumed talent and custom tailored quality costumes.  
  • Each Mega Legends costume is individually designed and custom made to order.  
  • Mega Legend does not use a "cookie-cutter" approach nor does Mega Legends purchase costumes from Halloween stores to save costs. 
  • Mega Legends is the premier live costume entertainment company. 
  • Mega Legends encourages you to compare Mega Legends pricing and costume quality with other entertainment services, we will make your event legendary! 

How can I make my event legendary with Mega Legends?

  • All events are booked on a first come, first served basis.  
  • Mega Legends highly recommends booking your event at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance to verify and secure talent availability.  
  • Keep in mind to book even earlier if your event falls near a Holiday or special local event.   
  • All bookings are conducted with a live and local Mega Legends representative at  559-796-MEGA (6342).  ​

How can I reserve the Mega Legends Red Carpet and Event Backdrop?

  • Mega Legends "Red Carpet Event" backdrop and  event kit is available for photo opportunities at your event, based on availability. 
  • Mega Legends charges an additional $75 per hour for set up, break down, and use during your event with one of our characters. 
  • Make your guests feel like a real celebrity! 
  • Please be certain to measure your room 
  • Dimensions of the kit are 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall
  • The Red Carpet is 4 feet wide
  • Please set aside additional room for our amazing red velvet ropes! 

What additional fees can I expect above and beyond the talent rate?

  • A travel fee of $2 per mile applies to locations beyond 20 miles of Mega Legends Headquarters in Fresno, Ca.   
  • Mega Legends limits travel to 60 miles outside of Fresno, Ca. 
  • Mega Legends will map out travel distances with GPS software to determine all travel to and from event venue. 
  • Mega Legends will provide you with all fees and charges prior to booking. 
  • $2.00 per child fee for each child over 10 children in attendance. 

Payment and Deposit 

  • Mega Legends requires a $75.00 non-refundable booking deposit to secure your requested date and time. 
  • Mega Legends will complete your transaction via phone.
  • Mega Legends accepts all bank issued major debit/credit cards
  • Mega Legends also has an easy to use PayPal account.  
  • You will be e-mailed an agreement and parking instructions 
  • The remainder of the amount due will be collected the day of the party by cash or credit/debit card only.
  • A Mega Legends representative will be able to swipe your credit or debit card on site.
  • Collection of remaining balance must be paid prior to talent performance. 

Tips and Gratuity 

  • Tips and Gratuity for Mega Legend talent has not been added to your total invoice, and is at your discretion the day of the party. 
  • Tips and Gratuity is very much appreciated by Mega Legends talent.
  • Typical Tips and Gratuity are 15% – 20% of the talents rate.

Talent Parking and Directions  

  • Please reserve a parking spot for Mega Legends talent in the driveway.
  • Mega Legends will supply you with a "Reserved for Mega Legends" parking sign. 
  • Please clearly post the sign to reserve the parking spot 
  • Please provide detailed directions to your event. 

Talent Safety and Event Rules

  • Our talent must be in a safe, drug free, alcohol free, weapon free setting.  
  • Talent will not perform if location is not safe. 
  • Dogs, pets, and other animals must be moved and away from talent at all times. 
  • All debris and obstacle need to be removed prior to talent arrival. 
  • A parent, adult, or legal guardian over the age of 18 must be present at all times.
  • Parents, adults, and guardians must monitor all children at all times and must correct behaviors that can endanger talent or damage costumes.
  • Any and all damage to costumes by any guest at the event or debris will be charged to the credit/debit card on file.  


  • Mega Legends only provides character entertainment 
  • Mega Legends talent are not babysitters and will not correct misbehaving children or adults and is not responsible for any behavior and unwillingness to comply with talent requests. 
  • Please be aware that all children at the event need to be supervised. 
  • Mega Legends talent will engaging all event guests and promote a clean, fun, and appropriate atmosphere.  
  • Mega Legends will treat your home and your guests with white glove treatment.
  • Mega Legends will not be held responsible or liable for accidental damage caused by a guest. 
  • Mega Legends recommends removing all valuable items from the entertainment area prior to the event.  

Outdoor Events

  • Mega Legends may perform your party outdoors, weather permitting, and only if all safety concerns have been addressed and approved by Mega Legends prior to your event.  
  • Your event must take place in a clean and dry area.

Furniture and Event Structures 

  • Mega Legends does not provide or rent any event furniture or structures.  It is the client’s responsibility to provide all the necessary furniture.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

  • Mega Legends understands children may become ill and will work with you to reschedule your party only in the event of your child’s illness, inclement weather, or conditions that arise that are beyond our control.
  • New rescheduled event date must be approved by Mega Legends to ensure scheduling availability. 
  • All deposits are non-refundable  

Tardy Policy  

  • If Mega Legends talent are to be late by more than 10 minutes, client will be notified as soon as possible. 
  • Our set-up time is usually 15 minutes, so we arrive 15 minutes prior to your event. 

Worry Free 

  • If Mega Legends does not perform at your event for any reason, your payment and deposit will be completely refunded without any claims against Mega Legends.